The jubilee book: An overview of WIC symposia 1980–2003

Celebration of 25 years of WIC symposia

The symposium on “Information Theory in the Benelux”, organized in 1980 in Zoetermeer, the Netherlands, signaled the informal naissance of the WIC. On the occasion of the 25th symposium in 2004, a group of WIC experts compiled a jubilee book that aims to provide an overview of technical results and developments presented at the 24 previous symposia. In addition to reflections on the development in the field, each of the eight chapters briefly discusses all published papers of the past symposia in the area. The reference list of the book contains 114 “general” references, and all 641 contributions to the WIC symposia.

Book Information

Information Theory in the Benelux: an overview of WIC symposia 1980 – 2003
R.L. Lagendijk, L.M.G.M. Tolhuizen, P.H.N. de With (editors)
Publisher: Werkgemeenschap voor Informatie – en Communicatietheorie (WIC), Enschede,  the Netherlands
ISBN 90-71048-19-5

Table of contents

1.     Shannon Theory and Multi-User Information Theory
2.     Source coding
3.     Cryptology
4.     Channel Coding
5.     Communication and Modulation
6.     Estimation and Detection
7.     Signal Processing and Restoration
8.     Image and Video Compression

[Table of Contents and full list of references].

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